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Do you have something to say, but never had the chance to? Founded in late 1997 and originally published August 15th, 1998, So There has stood as a testament to your daily lives for over 12 years. Now home to over 4300 letters, we continue to grow exponentially through your readership and submissions.

A dedicated staff works hard to publish a new letter every day, including weekends and holidays. Events happen on a daily basis, and someone always has a story to share. Life never takes a break, so neither does So There.

From first loves to last goodbyes, So There is your chance to get it off your chest. To say what should have been said a long time ago. Or yesterday. It's a chance to take it back, or to finally say it out loud. So There is your forum. It's about getting it out and letting it go. It's about closure.

Our staff is always interested in hearing your thoughts and questions. If you have a question or comment about a particular aspect of the site, the following people are available for you:

Jenifer Jourdanne, Editor-in-Chief/Submission Editor/Public Relations: Honourary degree in psychology. Questions regarding Submissions and website info, publicity.

Christine Storrs, Copy Editor: Be nice, she knows your secrets. Questions regarding letter content.

Jan Kingsford , Information Database Goddess: Soon to be sainted. Keeps Jenifer sane. Questions regarding inner workings or why you were born.

Pahl Millirons, Founder/Retired Editor-in-Chief: He built it and they came. Questions regarding origin of website.

Frank Kolodziej, Designer: Gracing us with his presence since '98. Questions regarding design.

Jennifer Goodie, Programmer Extraordinaire: Take this oppurtunity to worship her. Questions regarding bug reports or programming.

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